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Is the recreational use of marijuana legal in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes

In the past few years, marijuana laws have changed a lot across the country. In 2020, recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois.

It is, however, important for recreational marijuana users to be aware of the existing laws and stringent regulations that govern the drug. Among other things, the state regulates where you can buy and use marijuana.

What is legal to do with marijuana in Illinois?

Adults over 21 can legally possess and use marijuana privately for personal use. Visitors and residents of Illinois can purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries.

Dispensary regulation

The state limits the number of dispensaries in each city and county, and some municipalities have banned them. Additionally, marijuana dispensaries cannot sell the drug within 1,000 feet of schools or daycare centers.

Possession regulation

It is legal for adults over 21 to possess the following:

  • Marijuana flower up to 30 grams
  • Cannabis products with 500 milligrams of THC
  • Cannabis concentrate in the amount of 5 grams

Having more than these amounts is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and fines.

Consumption regulation

Consuming marijuana is allowed in private areas, but illegal in public areas. It is also illegal to use the drug while driving or operating a vehicle.

Is it possible for my employer to test me for marijuana use?

It is still possible for Illinois employers to enforce a drug-free workplace and require drug testing. Despite Illinois’ legalization of marijuana, they can prohibit its use. Under labor laws, an individual who uses marijuana to treat a qualifying medical condition can request reasonable accommodations.

There have been significant changes in the legalization of marijuana in the last decade. Illinois is one example of how society’s views are changing with respect to recreational marijuana, its personal possession and use.